A new status of Gaia earth is uncovered. It will help us connect ourselves, our planet, the universe and everything else together. This new model of Gaia Earth can finally answer many of life's unanswerable mysteries, including its origin, the purpose of human, his place and his future in the universe.

The Living Cosmos

The picture is getting clearer. The purpose of human is realized. There is only one way to go. Earth and the human species are getting busier to complete a mission of duplicating this little fragile planet. Using earth as a model to target our next door neighbour, Mars will be rebuilt. It will take time, possibly at this initial stage in an agonizingly slow pace but it will be done. Once it is completed, there will be no return. The learning experience and skills acquired will be used as the foundation to move on. If earth is still strong and healthy, its inhabitants will naturally move on to tackle Venus, a more formidable planet than Mars. The future Martians will turn their eyes onto the outer planets and their many moons. Any new planets created and turned alive will themselves become busy looking for their own piece of real estate to develop. With such a hectic pace, every useable piece of rock will be utilized to the fullest and before long the entire solar system will be filled with living planets.

A new stage is set to begin. When there is no place to go within the sun's territory, the focus will shift to the next bigger endeavour. Everybody will naturally move on to other stars and there are billions and billions of them. Each has the potential to accommodate many planets. With everybody looking for one that suits its own taste, these living cells will surely spread like wild flowers extending themselves to every corner of the Milky Way.

It may take million even billion years to go through the same process again and again but at an exponential rate, other galaxies will soon be invaded and colonized. By then lives truly extend into every corner of the universe hence turning it into a true living Cosmos, fulfilling a part of the purpose of the existence of the universe.

At first glance, this may sound crazy to some, unrealistic and hard to believe to others that this is happening. They do have every reason to be skeptical. The tremendous barriers to go through are mind boggling. As of how, it is difficult enough to travel to the moon. Even sending a space shuttle into orbit requires endless hours of careful planning. Going to Mars is still a dream. Venus is absolutely hostile, with not even one good thing to say about this planet as far as human habitat goes. The fastest thing known to man is the speed of light. Even using that speed to travel, the closest star to the sun is four light years away. And how about those galaxies? They are billion and billion light years apart. The best minded scientists do not even dream of communicating with them, let alone performing the physical travelling. The thought of colonizing the universe is, without a doubt, downright nonsense to many logical thinking humans.

With so many obstacles, is there truly a feasible way to accomplish such an impossible mission?

For ages men were led to believe life means those creatures crawling on the surface of this earth. If we want to know more about the stars and heaven, we study astronomy. This is not surprising since life is full of surprises, not because miracles keep happening but because of our mind set that confines our thinking to our own existence and therefore limits our understanding of a bigger picture. Even the earth as a living organism is unreal to some because human is supposed to be the cream of creation, the ultimate existence of all lives. Anything that is to be accomplished must get our human approval. If our present intelligence cannot figure out how things work, then we conclude that they will not be possible. Aliens are not allowed to visit us because we believe physical travelling in such a long distance is not possible. If none of us can figure out a solution to the future of the universe then this universe is doomed as if its fate depends solely on the human ability to solve its problems.

In the mysterious grand scheme of things, to bring the Cosmos alive is a job that has to be done and must be done. The truth is this human species is only a tool used by someone or something to advance its cause. It is not up to us to stop its grand plan or change it. Willingly or unwillingly, we are just some helpless creatures riding along this invisible and unstoppable force moving at full speed to a destination unknown to us. Our only recourse is to find out what is in store and make do with whatever is offering us in order to survive our immediate existence. Without knowing it, we are being motivated to complete the job till it is done. The question is not whether it can be done but how it is done.

Life's ability to perform wonder is vastly underestimated. The history of lives on earth offers some vital clues. When lives first appeared, they faced insurmountable obstacles before earth was transformed into the present beauty. Looking back one can only visualize what it was like for those few pioneers to greet such hostilities. The earth's status as a planetary cell faces a very similar situation at the present time. Being confronted by a dark and cold outer space that is absolutely lifeless as far as earth goes, it is so improbable to believe that a little fragile and insignificant planet like earth will someday have the ability to turn the heaven upside down and fill it with its own kind until this Milky Way galaxy and billion others in this universe are turned alive. But for life's determination and unrelenting force, it will happen. It may take time but the whole universe will be transformed. It had happened on earth once and will happen one more time in heaven because life is repeating its cycle again and again till the mission is accomplished.

Even the simple human determination testifies how the power of this invisible force can propel civilization to advance toward some unknown future destiny. When our ancestors first emerged from their cave staring at the open sky and ocean with only a simple piece of stone flake in their hand, what were the odds for them to successfully travel across the sky in planes or cruise the open seas in ocean liners? If they would have known all the things that were supposed to be accomplished, the obstacles they faced must be absolutely mind boggling. They would have to build ships, planes, cars and devise a global communication network, not to mention the rockets needed to go to the moon and thousand other machineries to help them build a modern day civilization. At that time if some oddballs ever visualized any of these twentieth century techno wonders, they must surely be branded dreamers. But now hundred and thousand years later, all these dreams are materialized, sometimes in dramatic fashion. What's more, there is no sign of stopping. Civilization is still moving forward at full force with no end in sight.

For sure tremendous time and energy will have to spend to reach the goal of conquering Mars and may be a few other planets. But like our ancestors, whether they are the ancient bacteria or our great grand father, the job will be taken as a challenge and done one step at a time using the experience and skill learnt along the way. Together with the never ending technological progress, any obstacles will be overcome and those improbable tasks will be turned into routines.

When men took that first historical twelve second flight off the ground, their move caught the eyes of the world because at the time these people had done something many considered as impossible. Since then bigger and better planes were built to travel around the globe million times over. Every time we look at these flights we yawn. We don't even bother looking at them anymore even though the systems involved in the design of the plane, its take off and landing and the flight itself are such an engineering marvel. Trillion components, men and machines alike, even the environment get on the act to participate in one integral system. These planes that weigh hundreds of tons can take off and land with apparent ease. Inside, passengers can experience reasonable comfort where hot meals are served, movies and other entertainment are provided. The transition turns so smooth it actually gets to the point people become bored and wait impatiently for the destination to arrive despite the fact that a one hundred ton plane carrying hundreds of passengers is flying 30,000 feet at close to the speed of sound. All these happen hundred times every hour of the day without a hitch. Any mishaps happen can become world news.

In all of life's history, great things did not happen overnight but always started small and with a humble beginning. Today colonizing planets is looked upon as another historical move or an almost impossible feat. If history of human endeavour is any indication, there will come a time planet colonization will be so common place it will simply be our second nature, however much anybody believes living on another planet is such a pipe dream. There may even be the day when advance technology allows us to create new planets that are of the right size and right composition out of stars and place them in the right locations to suit our needs. Let us hope that when this becomes a reality and the feat is being carried out by the thousands, we will show the same fascination as we do today and treasure the new found possessions.

With most of the inventions occur in a mere century, this so called high tech era in the twentieth century is only a very short period of human progress. Giving ourselves another hundred years, may be another thousand, what more can the human species discover? How much more can we invent? What will technology progress to and can anyone imagine what these machines can offer us? With so many billion stars and potential planets in a universe that composes of so many common materials shared by all lives on earth, and with a sense of curiosity, an adventurous human spirit and sometimes a downright nasty ego in ways of competition and growth, it will take a fool to think that one day men cannot colonize planets and spread out into the farthest reach of this infinite Cosmos.

Aside from the most ingenious ways devised by men to fulfill this mission of cosmic colonization, the universe as a potential living entity itself must have its own technique of development. It will be extremely naive to use human technology as the sole means to measure the future progress of the universe. Observing the development of our universe in the past may review how this delicate problem is handled because the real way of getting this job done may lie elsewhere and not with our human intelligence.

Throughout the whole history of the universe from its beginning of atoms and molecules to the present day living things on earth, the development of its structure is built on a principle of re-combination of matters. Before any signs of lives appeared, the simplest matter of atoms that made up the stars came together to form molecules. These molecules in turn combined to form more complex organic molecules that eventually developed into something called a living cell, which is nothing more than a complex structure of atoms and molecules with a life in it. After billion years of experimenting and evolving, new kinds of lives emerged in the form of animals and plants. From plants to trees, from fish to dinosaurs to modern day humans, these billion individual lives are not exactly one single existence but a closer look reviews that they compose of billions of different kinds of cells, all working and synchronizing together to form organs and systems. Each cell has its own job to do to keep this larger single unit alive and happy. About the only thing different is they are all under one consciousness controlling one individual body.

By being able to combine to form more complex and higher forms of lives, these individuals are able to do works that single cell organisms are not able to do. The most recent manifestation of this phenomenon is the earth itself, which has only been lately discovered as one super organism. Again its existence is not exactly one entity but composes of trillions of living creatures, be it animals, plants or microscopic planktons and even humans, all functioning together with each carrying out a specific task to make this body work and form one single super unit. In another word, a super organism like our planet right down to it is not a single organism but trillions and trillions of atoms working together to form cells and in turn billions and billions of these cells join together to form animals and plants and they in turn function together and survive as one living planet.

Unless we believe earth's existence is the end of the road for all lives and men are the final supreme product of all creation, there is no reason to believe this process will stop. The fact that earth is replicating itself proves the future development of the universe is taking the same route by starting the re-combining process all over again. As a living planetary cell, earth will continue to reproduce and together with other planets, possibly form bigger living systems and entities at a later time. The solar system or the Milky Way could be the next target. They may eventually turn alive with the help of all these living planets, a process similar to our earth being transformed by living cells and animals and plants.

Evolution of lives on earth may give us a glimpse how the next stage is supposed to unfold and how it is possible for a little planet like ours to colonize itself into all corners of the Cosmos. The single cell organisms that first appeared are primitive compared to today's life forms. It takes billions of years for them to spread but the amazing thing that happens is these cells did not simply develop into more advanced and improved bacteria with advanced and improved proteins. They grouped themselves together to form colonies and later evolved into multi-cell organisms. With each kind of cells becoming more specialized to carry out specific duties, they were able to develop features like lungs and limbs that enabled them to invade the land and later wings to conquer the sky. With the emergence of humans, intelligent brains were developed so that a new ability is created to find ways to escape gravity into space and hopefully one day we can master this ability to reach our neighbouring planets and beyond.

Who would have imagined at the time that these humble bacteria would eventually turn into a fish, a frog and a dinosaur? Who would have imagined these lowly low bacteria would one day transform a hostile planet into such a majestic beauty and turn it into a sapphire sparkling in a dark and lifeless empty space? How did they think under the circumstance of a hostile environment that they could eventually get that job done? Could any one of them ever imagine one day they would evolve into creatures weighing hundreds of tons, soaring to the air, or something that could run sixty miles an hour, and eventually something that has the ability to escape the atmosphere into the dark unknown? Probably not in their wildest dream, not even man with his intelligence could have thought of such a feat possible were he to exist at that time to witness the early development of these one celled creatures.

The answer for any life big or small to conquer the outside world is not to build better proteins or machineries by themselves but the co-operation with each other in order to beat the odds.

As for planet earth's turn to perform, how is it possible for it or its inhabitants to travel across the universe in such an immense distance to other stars and galaxies? Like our ancient ancestors, none of us has a clue except we can be quite confident it will be done if destiny has its way. For the time being, our job is to take the first step to copy our own planet into many, a goal that is within our reach. When more planets are reproduced, the universe is not going to be simply inhabited by these trillion of earth like planets. New phenomenon will occur in the form of cosmic evolution. By using the method of re-combination, planets will find a way to link together to create new systems and features that will give them more tools and power to perform what a single existence like bacteria or earth can't.

This does not mean that earth and other stars with their many planets will eventually evolve into something that will dart across the Milky Way at sixty times the speed of light though it may as well be the case. As of now with our present knowledge, the only feasible way to travel to another star is for the entire solar system to travel so that it will be self sustaining. But in the end exactly how it is done is anyone's guess. At this stage no one can predict any better than the first bacteria on earth could. What is important is as long as we diligently carry out our duty as a human species, life will take care of the rest.

Needless to say this whole grow up process will be played out in the most phenomenal way. The billion stars with their billions of planets under the harshest elements and against all odds will continue to participate in this cosmic showdown by spreading out in whichever way possible and with whatever means offered to them. If all things go according to plan and turn out to be successful, Milky Way will be rebuilt to another glorious living beauty like our ancestors did to earth. Our future children who evolve into whatever forms they will become may have a chance to perceive our own galaxy in a new light, possibly from a distance and admire its dazzling existence compared to other beautiful but lifeless ones and realize, like we do to our planet today, that it is another fragile living entity that has a pulse of its own delicately hanging on to its dear life.

As of now, our own earth is complicated enough to amaze the best of all minds. The possibility that a tiny little living planet like ours will eventually link together with trillion others to survive together and form one complex cosmic system, to say its final complexity boggles the mind is an understatement. There is simply no such mind existing at the present time to comprehend such a structure. Yet out of such an unimaginable complexity, the design is based on a simple concept of re-combination of existing matters. Anything new, including new life forms to appear in the future is not exactly new but is actually an old act being given a new twist and a whole new world is opened up for everyone to explore. There is no need to be afraid of a boring universe where trillions and trillions of planets are colonized by humans with the same uninteresting animals and plants being reproduced again and again on planet after planet. If not because of this amazing re-enactment, then regardless of how much a variety of lives each planet has, with trillions of them everywhere, it bounds to get monotonous at some point. But for their ability to recombine like they do on earth, life development in this universe suddenly becomes extremely interesting. Whoever this creator or designer is in engineering the development of this scheme, his design and arrangement are absolutely brilliant. More interestingly, if scientists were right to say that lives develop in no known directions nor in any particular shape, size or character except they proceed according to their own unpredictable path, then with the calibre of this universe, not even the good Lord knows what kind of a beast will finally emerge out of this saga.

It is not only possible that human will one day travel to the farthest reach of the heaven, this is in fact a part of the purpose for the existence of the universe. It's its destiny to turn itself into a true living Cosmos.

For now, the immediate goal for this human species will focus on a successful Mars mission. But once accomplished, the real concern will become one of how fast we can conquer the heaven and how much we can acquire its wealth. The problem we then face will be of a completely different nature altogether. Our little planet can be used as a reference to reflect what problems will be in store for us in the future. If we are wise enough, lessons can then be learned both from our past human history and nature itself and therefore applied to the course of actions we are about to take.

When our human ancestors first emerged as an intelligent species, they discovered a planet with a vast virgin resources to be explored. They believed the potential was there for the taking as long as they had the know how and the tools to do it. They did and now many hundred and thousand years later, the result is laid plain for all to see. After endless exploration and exploitation, their modern day descendants are reaping what they sowed by suffering from global pollution and environmental crises, wars and destruction and other chaos and problems. Instead of using our intelligence to develop a carefree happy lifestyle filled with abundance, we turn it into an uphill battle against time to save our little precious home.

Today people of the modern civilization behave exactly the same way our ancestors did by looking to the heaven as the solution to our insatiable growth. They believe this vast wide open and untouched region is another untapped gold mine. As long as the means to escape earth and travel to new frontiers to locate new energy and materials are available, our earth and the human species will have unlimited resources to consume. From then on any problem on earth will be solved till eternity. The situation turns into another free for all for anyone who has the ability to acquire the heavenly wealth.

It is this spoiled rotten attitude that gets our planet into such a bad shape in the first place. For too long life's true potential has been unjustly downplayed. Until recently no one believes men could possibly do so much damaging effects to the earth and therefore humanity embarked on a destructive mission to ruin our earthly home since the dawn of civilization. Today the same ignorance brings us to our next available target. Anyone with some sense of justice should pray day and night that this human species will not commit the same sin again and this time god forbid in a cosmic scale that will turn the future heaven to ruins like he does to the earth.

The consequence of failing to manage the universe properly while it is still in its early stage could be catastrophic in unimaginable proportion. In future when billion and billion galaxies are colonized, a system managed by humans that runs amok like it does on earth will make nightmare the order of the day. Planet after planet will be polluted and infested with so much disease they will be rendered uninhabitable to humans or any forms of lives. Their inhabitants may think they can simply move on to other greener pasture and life will continue but when others also carry the same mentality and everyone eventually runs out of space, a vicious cycle begins. Neighbouring stars and galaxies will get into the act of daily conflicts with each other to fight for whatever precious space that is left, resulting in true star wars of cosmic proportion where planet after planet with all their inhabitants will be destroyed in a flash, even galaxies could be wiped out in a whole sale fashion. When that happens, the problems and crises experienced on earth today surely look pretty tame in comparison.

Our experience on earth, whether as an individual, a business, a nation or the entire planet shows how well one can make a living and how happy anybody can be do not depend on how much wealth one can acquire but how well he can manage his possessions. What is the point to have unlimited gasoline energy for cars to burn but eventually pollute the planet completely causing acid rain, dead trees, dead species, global warming and ending up with a disease planet that is uninhabitable? Rich men and big business can go under while others with moderate means can be successful and thrive. Good management applies to everyone from an individual to a nation and ultimately to the universe. It is never too early or too young to prepare and form a good habit. The sad state of our planet shows how hard it is to reverse the trend because of hundred and thousand years of pattern setting; and if the trend continues, this could happen to our universe in the fore coming future.

When the sky is the limit, the opportunity must be incredible and the temptation to leap forward must be high but the urgency to chart the course now for the universe's future is also insurmountable. If earth is considered as a living system and not a warehouse, then the universe as a living Cosmos is also not another gigantic storage bin filled with three dimensional objects for anyone to consume at will. Like a living earth, a living Cosmos is a living system where everything is related to each other and relies on each other for survival. Whether it is a human, an animal or other things called dead matters, their existence and well being greatly affect our existence and our well being. Mistreat them and sooner or later we will be mistreated. We must plan ahead while still early and make sure nobody makes the same mistakes again like we do on earth because once civilization spreads deep into the heaven, there may not be a second chance to correct ourselves. By then, the character of the universe will be set. Any bad seeds we lay our future generations will forever suffer the consequences.

If we are the architect of this cosmic building process, then the future outcome of the universe and therefore the well being or happiness of our future children will be shaped by every step we take. How we conduct ourselves on earth will tell whether human as a species will grow up to be responsible adults or remain forever as some ignorant children playing with fire.

At the present time when we are still confined to our earthly home pondering our next move, the scene of a dark and starry heaven points to a very young universe at its infancy stage. The awesome view of its beauty is attributed to its immense size and the occasional fireworks and nothing more as far as life goes. However deep in the void and darkness there is one little thing called earth, very active and beautiful, hanging in there strongly through the will of its participants. With humans as its frontline operators there is hope for this stale universe to shine because for the determination of this intelligent species, things will definitely change in the future when the present scenery of a mechanical heaven will gradually evolve into the true beauty of a living Cosmos, leaving behind a primitive picture that will forever be a fond memory for our future descendants to wonder. The scene of this present majestic young starry heaven is not going to last to eternity. So while there is still the chance, do our share to build up a promising heaven and in the mean time, enjoy the show while we can.

 Copyright © 1996-2002 Anatoni Tamanaki


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