A new status of Gaia earth is uncovered. It will help us connect ourselves, our planet, the universe and everything else together. This new model of Gaia earth can finally answer many of life's unanswerable mysteries, including its origin, the purpose of human, his place and his future in the universe.

The Meaning Of Life Is An Incredible Journey

As spectacular as it looks, the space shuttle takes off almost routinely on another space exploration mission that may eventually bring us to Mars and beyond. On the ground, the crowd marvels at the techno wonder that mankind has mastered, wondering how far this human species can stretch its potentials. Little do they realize, behind the cheers and spectacles there is a grand scheme of things at work and we humans are being motivated to carry it out without knowing it.

In the early 70's, a British scientist named James Lovelock proposed that all living things on earth function together in one huge integral system that practically turns our planet into a super living organism which he passionately called Gaia. Naturally such a revolutionary idea will not be well received. One big question his critics ask is how this super organism is supposed to reproduce?

To answer that question, one must first put the true status of our planet in perspective. While earth is considered as a super organism, it's only from a human point of view, using ourselves as a point of reference to judge our earth's status. Looking at earth from a broader distance, a new and different picture begins to emerge.

In a universe filled with billions of galaxies, earth as a planet is such an invisible minute speck it almost disappears in the void of space. In that sense, our living earth instead of being considered as a super living organism is actually a tiny little cell sitting in space in a sea of darkness delicately and almost helplessly clinging on to its dear life.

In its billion years' colourful history, through good times and bad, with trillions of lives going through the process of building and rebuilding the landscape thus molding its character, there emerges a group called human who only arrives the scene relatively recently but his ability to use information to manage himself and the planet earns him a special status no others can match.

For the first time, being the only one who can make sense of his surroundings, he begins to ponder about the world around him by asking why he exists, how the world comes into being and just about every imaginable question under the sun. With such thirst for knowledge, he tries to find answers by gathering and processing information and by observing and studying everything that has to know about himself and his home planet. He even peeps into the mysterious darkness of space, discovering some of the heavenly secrets and wondering about those that he has no answer in this orderly universe called the Cosmos.

By virtue of his deeds, humans are, by all accounts and probabilities, the brain of this super living organism or in the case of a living cell, the genes of this planetary cell.

As with any living thing, it becomes virtually an inescapable part for mother earth to reproduce herself. It is the only way to ensure her continuity into the future and therefore her survival. And like any living cell, humans as its genes should also replicate themselves and the planet by moving out of their mother earth bringing along with them all the necessary information in order to create a new identical planet just like her.

This is done currently by means of space exploration which if successful will bring us to other planets like Mars and possibly convert them to earth like as much as possible in order to suit our needs. If we end up living there and call it our new home, we have in effect fulfilled the task of replicating our mother planet.

Skeptics may wonder if such a tremendous seemingly impossible project can be carried out. Our neighbour Mars is hundred and million miles away. A simple returned trip to Mars will take years for a man to accomplish. What is the chance of creating an artificial human habitat let alone transforming a whole planet into a warm and cozy place so that humans can survive and live there in the open without any artificial protection? Can such a feat be executed or is this a pipe dream fitted for some kind of a science fiction story?

Without a question, to have a global functional living system built out of a planet like Mars is a mega project, the biggest endeavour men have ever encountered. A devoted scientist can spend years of his life studying our planet and he can barely understand a fraction of its complexity. There will still be a lot of work to do and problems to iron out. The emergence of our species on this planet is not without a reason. If there is anything not known, it will become our duty to observe, study, gather and process the information in order to find out the answers.

With the awesome ability equipped in everyone of us, there is no excuse for this human species not to face the challenge and overcome all obstacles. Perhaps if a comfortable home planet like earth is not looked on as a god given right for nature to transform and provide an environment favourable for us to live in but is the result of an earned living created by the tremendous hard work of the past generations in the forms of bacteria, animals and plants and therefore our present generation also has a duty to put in work on planets like Mars and even Venus in order for the future generations to be able to live there comfortably, we will better appreciate what is available here on earth and will not abuse it so badly like we do today.

Undoubtedly this will be a monumental task for even the most intelligent human to accomplish. Luckily some kind of an outside help if not divine intervention is available without us even noticing it. Were it not for the help offered and the vital role it plays, the mission will virtually be impossible to complete. It is another amazing tale in this grand scheme that makes us wonder who is actually in control.

It happens some two million years ago when our first human ancestors venture out of their cave into the open. With certain apprehension they somehow pick up a piece of rock and make stone flakes out of it.

It is a very primitive move by today's standard but probably the most significant one in human history because from that point on there is no return. Along with the discovery of fire, they use these tools to hunt and defend themselves among other predators and competitors. As time passes, more inventions of advanced machineries and complicated systems lead to the emergence of cities and civilization. In a blink of the eye in evolutionary terms, they progress from a few simple tools to today's high tech machineries like cars, ships, planes and finally, computers and rockets in a 21st century electronic and space age.

Travelling in these awesome machines and in protective space suit, men begin to orbit around the earth, do space walks and other seemingly impossible tasks. They land on the moon, perform some unmanned Mars missions and for sure there will be more to come.

Never in their wildest dream did our ancestors realize that innocent move of theirs to make stone flakes would lead to today's spectacular scene of a world dominated by machines that can bring men to space. Nor do we realize the significance of these tools and machineries that can help us accomplish things that we otherwise cannot dream of doing. It is not just our intelligence alone but it is also these miracle workers that make space exploration possible. They are not just simple tools. They are our surviving partners in terms of humanity's and earth's future. Without them, none of us can lift our feet off the ground for more than a few seconds. Without a space suit, without the spacecraft's protection and other things too numerous to mention, none of us can survive the harsh elements out there in hostile space. But for the power of these wonderful helpers, they make the impossible possible. We can now live in a space station for months and can travel to the moon and beyond, possibly ensuring planet earth's and therefore humanity's future.

Think of how our body cells can reproduce without the help of proteins and one can appreciate the importance of these earthly miracle workers that are created by the human hands. For the job they do, these tools and machineries undoubtedly become the proteins and enzymes of this planetary cell.

And surely these wonder workers are more than a reproductive device confining to the job of bring us to space. Back home on earth, their importance is all over the places for all to see. At home or at work, from small things like tables and chairs, telephones and household appliances, they are everywhere assisting our daily routines and helping us to get our job done in a fast and most efficient manner. Within our society, they also make their presence known. From a simple hammer to a sky crane, from a shovel to a bulldozer, from a motorcar to a jumbo jet, from an electric motor to building size turbines, from a sail boat to an ocean liner to an oil rig in the open sea, they are being utilized in every aspect to speed things up and do things that are impossible for the human hands. They let us climb the highest mountains, dive deep into the ocean, fly over continents and live in the most hostile places one can imagine. They are used to generate power, communicate with another fellow human, do rescue work and save lives. If circumstances arise, they are also used as weapons in war times solely for the purpose of destruction.

Factories are erected to manufacture these tools and machineries en masse. Using blue prints to make copy after copy, each is precisely engineered to fit a specific task. The goal of these miracle workers is to be as durable, powerful and effective as possible in order to do the most work or damages for us while they themselves undergo little or no change. Being able to invent and utilize these gadgets, our lives become more efficient, comfortable and even luxurious. Societies and civilization have long ago evolved to a point it is virtually impossible for us humans to survive without them. They are our wonder workers, helpers and our best partners that no other animals can either possess or have that ability to master.

Scientists may like us to believe that life moves on and spreads out in no particular direction with no particular purpose. As they repeatedly tell us, it just happens to happen. There must not be a divine hand at work, guiding us to an unknown destiny. But knowing what is happening on earth, especially the striking similarities between the status of planet earth and a living cell, it also tells us this is no co-incidence either because history is repeating itself on a planetary scale. No doubt there will be a lot more fireworks and drama to be unfolded as this mysterious process continues.

By accepting the new status of Gaia earth, answers to many past unsolved life mysteries become apparent as the present events are a reflection of history in the past. Those intergalactic space travelling vehicles that are created and glorified by movie makers and TV series alike are merely some pesky viruses that are only a fraction the size of a cell. These human bodies wrapped in self contained machines probably arise from some disgruntled individuals who have no desire to conform to the status quo but instead they want to take their ideology elsewhere with them in the hope that someday they will find their utopia somewhere deep in the heaven. As beautiful as these machines are, their mission could be a menace to all concerned if for whatever reasons they decide to invade another planetary body and impose their values on others and end up destroying the host and themselves altogether.

UFO's may after all be a reality except that the phenomenon will only happen in the distant future when technologies advance to a point where everyone can have the ability to build rockets in their own backyard and fly themselves into space to chase the comets of their choice instead of sitting at home waiting for others to come to them. Hopefully these ambitious individuals will not end up creating havoc to other worlds with their tiny but lethal machines.

By comparing earth to a living cell, the order of life can also be put in its proper perspective. First, earth appears as a protective home for lives to inhabit. The human genes subsequently arrive, to be followed by tools and machineries that are built by these humans. With that in place, we are now ready to complete the task of reproducing Gaia earth.

Looking at the starry heaven above, life must be a never ending journey. What is so amazing with this incredible journey is once successful, planet colonization can go on again and again far into the future till the heaven is absolutely conquered and still no one is aware of the true meaning of it all. Like the first bacteria that appear on earth, they will move on to divide. They will evolve. They gang together to transform into plants, animals and somehow turn into a thing called intelligent thinking being. While these bacteria and body cells continue to go about their business to grow and reproduce for their own selfish gain, they have no inkling why they are doing it except for the sake of doing it.

 Copyright © 1996-2002 Anatoni Tamanaki


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